Micki- Vocals, Keyboard  

With her little red record player cranking out her parent’s Mamas and Papas tunes, Micki began her musical career singing to her stuffed animals with a pencil for a microphone. Realizing that David Cassidy would never ‘discover’ her just singing in her bedroom, Micki started performing in school. Teaching herself to play piano and singing vocal jazz prepared her for a career as a worship leader while a stay at home mom. Having entered a renaissance period, Micki has rediscovered her youth and is now rocking out with her band Hall Pass. With over 20 years of performing experience, Micki’s powerful vocals connect with the audience while bringing her own style of keys and percussion to the mix. Her prior gigs include founding member of the Seattle Jazz Singers, lead singer for the Sector7G band, recording with Undone and a former member of Curb Appeal playing for the Seahawks and more.



Kathy – Vocals, Percussion  With a theme song playing in her head, Kathy enjoys life in surround sound. Inspired by all genres of music including Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, Halestorm and U2,  Kathy has performed for the Seattle Seahawks, the Bite of Seattle, Swiftwater Cellars and various venues around  Seattle and Portland cranking the amp to 11 with Hall Pass and as a former member of Curb Appeal. Blissfully married to hubby Tom and a proud mom of three kiddos, Kathy loves to create, inspire and sing her heart out.



RCam – Drums, Vocals  

Retiring the dented pots and pans, Cam moved up to the drums in 5th grade and hasn’t looked back. Even a short-lived foray with the trumpet couldn’t keep him away from his first set which started his musical journey towards the land of Rock and Roll. Surrounded by a family of musicians, there was always someone playing the piano, clarinet, flute, trumpet, or a song on the stereo. When his dad controlled the playlist, there was plenty of country greats like Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn while Cam preferred Van Halen and the hard edge of rock. With a much more diverse appreciation for all musical genres, Cam handles the drum duties for Hall Pass and lays down the beats for Seattle band Sonic Therapy.



RandyRandy – Guitar, Vocals

“Rockin’ Randy” Becker raucously revels in rhythmic riffs as he holds down the 6 string section of Hall Pass Band. A gear head and continual student of his craft, Randy believes that music is meant to move you and stir your emotions in whatever situation you may find yourself. In addition to kickin’ it on guitar for Hall Pass, Randy is a business owner, husband and dad to 3 awesome boys.



Dave – Bass

Dave started his musical journey through the mean streets of Southern California. Holding down the bottom end, Dave is a bassist by choice, following in the footsteps of the great mentors of the instrument. He has extensive tour, studio and live experience ripping through the music world with his skill on Bass. Don’t miss Dave’s playing! He likes to move around the stage making sure the Bass resonates!




RRich – Drums  

Former founding member of Hall Pass, Rich and family relocated to the Bay area where he continues to play for various bands. Rich has been laying down the beats since the days of wide collars and bell bottom pants, playing these hits before they were “classic” from big band swing as a teen, to a jazz quartet in college. In the San Francisco 80’s he played for new wave revival Venus Envy and the hard rock antics of Jungle Rooster. From there, Rich started the Seattle classic rock band Bad Habit, and spent seven years in the drum throne for Curb Appeal before joining Hall Pass. Rich believes there is so much great music out there, old and new, just waiting for a fresh take. San Fransisco – you got lucky having this cat in town!


JJeff – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff’s musical adventures keep taking him to new territory exploring different genres around the Seattle area. Over the last 8 years these journeys have included Notorious Sensation, Sector 7G, the Inside Outlaws and Hall Pass where his guitar and showmanship lit up the stage. As usual, Jeff’s priorities when it comes to live music are: More Leather, More Blinkin Lights, More Cowbell and More Fog.


SScott – Guitar
You can find Scott sharing his original music around the greater Seattle area as SoulTech, a solo neo-acoustic project. Prior to joining forces with Hall Pass,  Scott played in many bands around southern Michigan covering classic to death metal rock. Influenced by Page, Hendrix, Van Halen, Trower, Moore, SRV, Lifeson and Gibbons, Scott focuses on the melodic counterpoint, and rhythmic nature of rock and pop music.


KHKurt – Bass, Vocal  

Kurt is happy to be writing and performing his own music and collaborating with talented musicians and friends after performing with Hall Pass for three years. Kurt hails from the academe world, where there is remarkably little rock n’ roll. (Who really needs a Ph.D., anyway?) and was in several northwest bands like Liquid Ditty, Billy Peaches, Avondale and Refuge.

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